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Meet the Collective...

Prior to forming DÔEN, Margaret and Katherine Kleveland had often discussed how many brilliant and creative women were often running businesses behind the scenes without ownership. When assembling the DÔEN team, equity was given to each of the founding members, each of whom identify as women and bring an area of expertise -- from law and finance to art direction and photography -- to the table. 

We hope that the partners in our collective are a living argument for sharing ideas, responsibilities, and credit -- and that the collective imbues a sense of the importance of  collaborative work within the organization at large. Study after study has shown that when women-identifying individuals have positions of power and leadership in companies, there is more focus on equality policies and practices -- yet only 33 were included in the Fortune 500 CEOs list in 2019. We believe that number should be higher, and we believe that representation, inclusion, and the elevation of those who identify as women, non-binary, and transgender in business matters. Our collective was founded with the intent to do just that. 


margaret kleveland

CEO and Co-Founder - Growing up in California has been my main source of inspiration for all in life. As a child of the 90’s I shopped vintage and learned to sew by customizing clothes. I am a collector and always on the lookout for special pieces. Although I have spent the majority of my career working with shoes, my first love, I am now happiest barefoot with my feet in the sand spending time with my fam. Working alongside such an incredible group of women, including my sister, is my constant source of inspiration and motivation and is fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams. I am also a mostly high-functioning mom, enthusiastic camper, late blooming people lover, and amateur sourdough baker.


katherine kleveland

CCO and Co-Founder - Growing up in the Santa Barbara foothills, my inspiration has always been steeped in nature, family, and nostalgia for a time before my own. Since I could hold a pencil, I sketched clothes – this pastime becoming a career is a dream come true. I am grateful that our company is one where family comes first: founding the company with my best friend who happens to be my sister, building the business with a strong group of like-minded women who I consider soul sisters, seeing my three children grow up in and out of our office and at photoshoots, and sharing joys along the way with my husband has been incredibly fulfilling.



hilary walsh

Partner and Creative/Design Consultant - I am a photographer, textiles/design/branding consultant, and mother living between Los Angeles and Northern California. After spending 20 years in the commercial photography world, I have recently been exploring other avenues of expression including fiber art and ceramic sculpture. My two children, husband, and myself try to balance our time between Los Angeles and Northern California.

phoebe dean

Brand Image Director - I live in a Venice Beach bungalow with my love. I'm a vintage junkie (own close to 30 plain white t-shirts, all with holes) and am happiest being creative, working with women who I look up to and who empower me. I feel most inspired finding vintage photos from the 70s and listening to The Velvet Underground.


katharine hall

Partner and General Counsel - I currently live in Austin, Texas, and enjoy spending time outside with my three little boys, running, swimming and practicing yoga. I also love live music and reading - the Avett Brothers and Murakami are two of my favorites. Watching my strong female friends nurture their families and themselves has helped me grow as a person and a mom, and I’m continually inspired by Katherine and Margaret, who do so while also bringing their creative dreams to life through Dôen. I feel honored to be part of a company that celebrates and cherishes the strength, balance, and beauty of all women in all stages of life.

hilary tisch

In memoriam: 1983-2020

As a founding partner, Hilary’s contributions to the brand are invaluable and immeasurable. She was our first champion and a stalwart friend and supporter. After years of dreaming of creating something together, Hilary accompanied Katherine on the first trip to India to meet with potential partners. Deeply connected to the spirit of Doen, Hilary was foundational to the creative ethos — even helping come up with the brand name — and vital to the business growth over the years. Her enthusiasm and vigorous empowerment of her friends made Doen possible, and she is forever embedded in the soul of the brand.

allie furlotti

Founding Partner - I am a design fiction artist and stand up comedian, philanthropist, and mother. My husband, daughter Dylan, and I split our time between Portland and Santa Monica. I have an MFA from Central Saint Martins which taught me to love shape and form and desire as an object and as a performer. As a devotee to art and fashion in equal measures, I love Dôen for creating a community of motherhood based around how we choose to dress when our bodies change or don't change. The art is the female form and the fashion is the clothing. As the head of the Calligram Foundation, I have had the chance to nurture a number of exciting projects through the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. I hope to bring Dôen into the world of contemporary art in some way.

courtney santry

Partner and Financial Advisor - Partner and Financial Advisor - I was raised in Santa Barbara and currently split my time between Santa Monica and Ventura, CA. After earning my CPA license, I started a finance consulting firm with some encouragement from friends. Our firm provides the platform to success for creatives and entrepreneurs, letting them focus on their business while we focus on the financial operations. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in finance, but also dabbled in playing dress up with my mom's couture. It continues to be an inspiring experience to work with such amazing long-time friends and enables me to combine my fondness for finance with my curiosity about fashion.


Tracey Cunningham

Partner - I moved to LA from Seattle to pursue my passion for all things beauty-related. I used to blow dry my mom’s hair growing up and have always been interested in coloring hair. When I moved to Los Angeles in my early twenties my boss at the time encouraged me to attend beauty school. That’s where it all began! I love being behind the chair and seeing my clients every day. It can be long hours and hard work but I genuinely love being in the salon and getting to travel the world to see all my clients. Being a single mom and working a full time job with unexpected hours is no joke, but you just keep working and providing for your family. I think the epitome of happiness is being around my friends and family and in life I enjoy continuing to learn and finding different ways to give back.


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