Our Team

DÔEN was founded in 2016 by sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland in Los Angeles, California, in collaboration with an amazing collective of founding partners — Hilary Walsh, Katharine Hall, Phoebe Dean, Hilary Tisch, Allie Furlotti, and Courtney Santry.

Since day one, our team has been at the core of DÔEN’s mission, and the inspiration and energy behind everything we do.

We’ve steadily grown since our early days, and are always looking to add more inspiring people to our team! Visit the Careers page to see our current openings. Our main offices are located in Los Angeles, California, and we’re excited to grow our team nationally. We’d love to meet you, wherever you are.

Our Collective

Margaret and Katherine Kleveland were inspired to found DÔEN after witnessing firsthand the barriers to true ownership faced by women throughout the fashion industry — even though women are the driving force behind the industry.

Each of our founding partners brings a unique area of expertise – from law and finance to art direction and photography – to the table. Creating opportunities of ownership – for a true collective, a collaborative enterprise – was critical to our foundation, and remains integral to our mission of supporting women throughout all aspects of our organization.

Study after study has shown that when women-identifying individuals have positions of power and leadership in companies, there is more focus on equality policies and practices — yet only 38 women were included in the Fortune 500 CEOs list in 2020. We believe that number should be higher, and that representation, inclusion, and the elevation of those historically left out of these central roles matters. This steadfast belief shapes the way we seek new partnerships and informs the way we work together to build DÔEN.

We hope that the DÔEN company structure is a living argument for sharing ideas, responsibilities, and credit — and imbues a sense of the importance of collaborative work within organizations at large.



I grew up in Southern California and it has served as a main source of inspiration all my life. I began my career in Operations and have held roles in Ops, Production, and Business Management leading up to foundingDÔENwith this incredible group of partners. I thrive working with people and being in the details - I am forever curious and ask too many questions. My strengths lie in discipline, patience, and calculated risk. I am an unconventional person and leader, seeking personal growth wherever I can find it, and forever working to improve my relationship with joy. I am a queer-identifying single mom of two with incredible co-parent support. My ambition is forDÔENto lead the next generation of American heritage brands, and working alongside this inspiring Collective, including my sister, is a constant source of motivation and pride.



Growing up in the Santa Barbara foothills, my inspiration has always been steeped in nature, family, and nostalgia for a time before my own. Since I could hold a pencil, I sketched clothes – this pastime becoming a career is a dream come true. I am grateful that our company is one where family comes first: founding the company with my best friend who happens to be my sister, building the business with a strong group of like-minded women who I consider soul sisters, seeing my three children grow up in and out of our office and at photoshoots, and sharing joys along the way with my husband has been incredibly fulfilling.



I am a photographer, maker, and mother. After 20 years of commercial photography, I now balance my time between working on DÔEN and other creative outlets such as ceramics, fiber art, and permaculture. My husband and I live with our two sons, three alpacas, two parrots, and seven chickens, splitting our time between Ojai and West Marin, California.



IN MEMORIAM: 1983-2020

As a Founding Partner, Hilary’s contributions to the brand are invaluable and immeasurable. She was our first champion and a stalwart friend and supporter. After years of dreaming of creating something together, Hilary accompanied Katherine on the first trip to India to meet with potential partners. Deeply connected to the spirit of DÔEN, Hilary was foundational to the creative ethos — even helping come up with the brand name — and vital to the business growth over the years. Her enthusiasm and vigorous empowerment of her friends made DÔEN possible, and she is forever embedded in the soul of the brand.