Our Impact

DÔEN’s mission is to create lasting, beautiful collections while supporting women-identifying people in all aspects of our organization, supply chain, and community.


We partner with audited and certified ethical manufacturers around the world who share our vision and values to produce timeless, high quality garments. Each year, we assess these partnerships to examine how we can better work to close the gender gap, advocate for equality at all levels of our supply chain, advance ethical manufacturing practices, and reduce our environmental impact. 


To share details of our progress with our community, we publish a bi-annual DÔEN Impact Report. This report details our progress from the previous year, and establishes additional goals for the years to come. Read our latest Impact Report to learn more about this ongoing work, and how we are continually reflecting on and honoring our mission. We also encourage you to explore our Journal and Scrapbook, where you can find information on specific initiatives such as our ongoing anti-racism accountability, long-term partnerships that support closing the gender gap and maternal mental health. 


We recognize that this continuous journey won’t truly be over until the products we make give more back to the planet than they take from it, and every single aspect of our supply chain and organization upholds our values. 


We invite you to join us on our journey.