Our Collaboration with Heather Taylor

Photography by Nicki Sebastian, Video by Scott Vance

We are so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with -- and shine a light on -- one of our favorite woman-owned businesses and the incredible creative mind behind it all: Heather Taylor. Founded in 2013, Heather’s line of home goods and textiles, has always been a source of inspiration for us – from the carefully designed linens, to the carefully considered designs and quality construction, to the thoughtful world-building and motto of "keep it cozy." Over the past few years, our relationship with Heather has been truly invaluable – her steadfast support and honest friendship is a constant guiding light in our journey as business owners and as mothers. We have navigated raising our families, growing our respective businesses, and – most recently – weathering a pandemic, side by side - counting on each other for advice, guidance, and an open exchange of ideas and inspiration.

Over the past few months, as we have all navigated the pandemic and its unprecedented impacts, our admiration for Heather and her business has only grown. In March, Heather reacted incredibly quickly to the situation at hand – immediately seeing the need in her community for PPE and mobilizing to help provide it. With a sense of urgent determination, she designed and produced a mask to be made with her classic textiles and was one of the first to set up a 1-for-1 donation system, so that for every pack of masks donated she was able to donate a pack to a nearby hospital. The masks – with their quality construction, and thoughtful business model – took off (even Lizzo bought some!). In short, Heather and her small team have approached these ever-changing, ever-challenging circumstances with purpose and grace – running the business as Heather always has, thoughtfully and intelligently.

In light of our longstanding relationship, and in the spirit of mutual support - we couldn’t be more thrilled to have worked with Heather to create a small collection of dresses and blouses in one of her signature prints, a sweetly nostalgic gingham called St Ouen Plaid - in addition to Heather Taylor linens in a woven pattern inspired by our Austen Plaid from this season, available in a half apron, a table cloth and more! These charming pieces evoke the essence of Heather’s vision – timeless design, quality craftsmanship, and a refined yet eclectic sensibility. Just like the pieces in Heather’s own line (some of which we are now, excitingly, carrying on our site!) these gingham treasures are special enough to wear for occasions big and small, but not too precious to wear for everyday moments – from picnics, to outdoor dinners, and beyond. See below for some scenes of Heather at home with Scarlett and Goldie, wearing St Ouen plaid and enjoying the golden days of late Summer – and see the Accessories section of our site for a small selection of Heather Taylor goods to add to your order!

Heather wearing the Eve Dress in Nutmeg St Ouen Plaid and laying out the Heather Taylor Tablecloth in Austen Plaid

Heather wearing the Rhone Dress in Sweet Cherry St Ouen Plaid and the Heather Taylor Apron in Nutmeg Gingham

Heather's table at home, set with a Nutmeg Gingham Heather Taylor tablecloth

Heather wearing the Rhone Dress in Nutmeg St Ouen Plaid, Goldie and Scarlett wearing the Little Eve Dress, sitting on the Heather Taylor Tablecloth in Austen Plaid

Heather wearing the Rhone Dress in Sweet Cherry St Ouen Plaid

Heather wearing the in Eve Dress in Nutmeg St Ouen Plaid

Moments from the very beginning of the design process - when we first started to dream together!