Our Company Values


Since our founding in 2016, DÔEN has worked towards balancing our role as a corporate entity providing fulfilling, fair wage jobs with our responsibilities as advocates for change within the global community and fashion industry ecosystem. Click on any of our brand pillars to learn more about the values central to our company’s mission.


We are passionate about upholding and advocating for:


  • Women supporting women


An intersectional feminist approach is at the heart of everything we do. We work to seek out manufacturing partners with women-identifying individuals in leadership and ownership positions, partnering with female leaders, artisans, and workers at every step of our supply chain. We choose to prioritize working with women-owned or co-owned factories whenever possible; in 2020, 82% of our product was produced in a woman-owned or co-owned factory.


  • Closing the gender gap. 


We advocate for a more just, equitable global society through workplace and financial empowerment, healthcare, reproductive rights, and access to education. We partner with our manufacturers to support initiatives that drive social impact and gender equality, and donate to organizations we believe are working meaningfully to support the rights of women in our community and in regions where we produce our collections.


  • Taking our social stewardship seriously in our manufacturing practices. 


We are passionate about honoring our responsibility to the planet and future generations by considering the environmental and social impact of every step of our supply chain and operations. We consider workers’ rights an integral part of this, and partner with facilities that have strong workers’ benefits and commitments. We use in-house and 3rd party audits and certifications to evaluate our manufacturing partners on a host of practices, from safety compliance to the right to unionize. For more information, please read our Impact Report.


  • Building, nurturing, and giving back to our communities around the world. 


We strive to acknowledge and honor the delicate web that binds our work to those around us, locally and globally. Many of our manufacturing partners have established foundations or organizations that directly benefit their employees and/or the surrounding community; learn more by reading our Glossary.


  • Inclusivity and accessibility. 


We believe in the value of diverse representation within our organization. We recognize the depth of bias and long standing institutionalized racism, its prevalence and nefariousness within our industry, and we are committed to continued organizational action to create a culture of equality, transparency and accountability.


We are dedicated to fostering an environment for all individuals to thrive as their authentic selves, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or disability, and we aim to cultivate a welcoming community where all employees feel safe to voice feedback and ideas.

DÔEN is constantly striving to make progress in manufacturing and production, as well as in our internal policies as a company. To learn more about our goals and areas of impact, please visit our latest Impact Report

Our Partnerships


DÔEN has sought out philanthropic partners that share our vision for progress and equality, and have a track record of true impact. Our partners are carefully vetted and chosen for long-term relationships that speak to our values and our mission. Click through to learn more about the organizations we’re proud to support:


Planned Parenthood LA


    As a company owned and operated by people who identify as women, supporting Planned Parenthood’s commitment to providing safe, accessible healthcare to people of all genders has been important to us since day one. 

    Each holiday season, we gather our friends and family for a fundraiser supporting Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

    Room to Read


      We have partnered with Room to Read, an organization that promotes literacy and gender equality by working with local governments and communities throughout Asia and Africa, to support their mission of closing the gender gap through education. Room to Read works specifically with girls traditionally excluded from any access to education to give them the life skills to succeed in school and beyond.


      Each season, we donate 100% of the profits of a designated offering of children’s styles to Room to Read. We also welcome customers to support the Room to Read mission by making a donation at checkout.


      Kindred Space LA / Birthing People Foundation


        Founded by two Black midwives -- Kimberly Durdin, CPM, LM, IBCLC, and Allegra Hill, CPM, LC, IBCLC -- Kindred Space LA is a community-supported birth center offering home birth midwifery, doula support, lactation education, and more, with the mission of creating a safe birthing home for parents and babies of color in South LA. 


        Historically, Black women have had the highest maternal mortality rate -- at 2.5 times that of white women, according to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2018. We have partnered with Kindred Space LA and their non-profit branch Birthing People Foundation to support Black women and children in our community. We support their critical work through sales events, special collaborations, and proceeds of select items.