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Please note that we’re expecting 7-10 day delays in shipping at this time due to high demand. Thank you for your patience!

Our Mission

Santa Barbara-born and raised sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland founded DÔEN in 2015, driven by their personal experiences in the apparel industry. Inspired by their observation of how atypical it is to see women at the helm of fashion brands -- even though it is largely women who are designing, purchasing, and wearing the clothing -- DÔEN began as a collective of creative LA-based women aiming to improve upon that model by supporting women-identifying people in the workforce in all aspects of the organization, supply chain, and community.


Our line is inspired by our nostalgia for the California of past decades, and by the shared desire to make elevated yet wearable pieces for the everyday. We strive to bring more than a boutique shopping experience to you, but to use the DÔEN lifestyle and assortment to connect with our customers, build an open community, and foster relationships with the inspiring individuals who wear our clothes throughout their lives. 


Available here at as well as at our first store at the Brentwood Country Mart, we work diligently each season to offer silhouettes in natural, luxe fabrics at approachable prices. To do so, we are thrilled to offer our styles directly to you -- avoiding any intermediary mark-ups or middlemen so that we may ensure quality and consistency at prices that are honest and accessible. In our product assortment, we aspire to help you dress from head to toe as easily as possible -- which, in turn, we hope makes you feel like your most confident, graceful self throughout your day, whatever it may bring. We believe that feeling should be accessible to all, and never lose its transformative magic.


We are intentional when selecting our manufacturers, partnering only with factories that share our company values. We use carefully selected domestic and overseas manufacturers for our intricate hand-woven, hand-embroidered and knit pieces, whether in the United States, India, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey (Istanbul), or Romania. We are proud that our production partners share our commitment to supporting those who identify as women in the workplace and are collaborators in our mission to eliminate the gender gap at every point in the supply chain. To this end, we have chosen to work with women-owned, or co-owned, manufacturers: Currently, 50% of our apparel factories are owned by women, and the other 50% are co-owned. 


We work with reputable, recognized compliance audits worldwide to evaluate our manufacturing partners on a host of practices, from gender and social quality to wages to ethical work environments and standards. Of our ten apparel manufacturing partners, all are audited either by our own internal audit, WRAP, Bureau Veritas, Promperu Fair Trade, Fair Wear Foundation, or SMETA; in addition, nearly 80% are certified by either GOTS, Oeko-Tex, WRAP Gold or Platinum, or Fair Trade Promperu. We also choose our vendors for their dedication to workers’ rights, commitment to closing the gender gap, and shared motivation for a safer, cleaner planet: Our main Indian vendor reports an annual Triple Bottom Line, measuring eco and responsible initiatives, and pays for the education of their employees’ daughters (an internal program titled Freedom through Education); our Fair Wear Foundation-audited supplier in Romania is 70%-solar powered and is monitored by the Higg Index. In making a decision to work with a facility, we look for specific indicators --  including the people in management roles that identify as women, the factory’s ability to control all stages of production, the presence of an internal worker’s union, and any established foundations or organizations that directly benefit their employees and/or the surrounding community.  


We love to share behind-the-scenes photography and video content from our travels and factory visits via our newsletter and social media. Please subscribe to follow along! 


Thank you for shopping with us! We hope you love your pieces. 

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About Our Partner: Planned Parenthood 

As a company owned and operated by people who identify as women, the issue of women’s healthcare has always been of particular importance to us. We believe that people of all genders require reproductive care, and that comprehensive healthcare includes reproductive rights, sex education based on science, and access to care. We partnered with Planned Parenthood when we first launched, and have continued to support their efforts towards providing safe and accessible healthcare in the years since. Each holiday season, we gather our friends and family for a fundraiser and donate all proceeds to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. We are proud to have raised over $45,000 for Planned Parenthood since our launch, and we are committed to continuing our relationship with this incredible organization. 


About Our Partner: Room to Read

We strongly believe in closing the gender gap in the areas where we produce and have an impact. To extend our commitment, we have partnered with Room to Read, an organization that promotes literacy and gender equality by working with local governments and communities across Asia and Africa. Room to Read helps develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and works to support girls as they complete secondary schools, giving them the life skills to succeed in school and beyond. 


Each season, we donate 100% of the profits of a designated offering of children’s styles to Room to Read. We also welcome customers to support the Room to Read mission by making a donation at checkout.


About Our Partner: Kindred Space LA/Birthing People Foundation

As of November 2020, we have added a third partner, Kindred Space LA and their non-profit branch Birthing People Foundation, to specifically support Black women and children in our community and continue to actively contribute to anti-racist work. 


Historically, Black women have had the highest maternal mortality rate -- at 2.5 times that of white women according to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2018. Founded by two Black midwives -- Kimberly Durdin, CPM, LM, IBCLC, and Allegra Hill, CPM, LC, IBCLC -- Kindred Space LA is a community-supported birth center offering home birth midwifery, doula support, lactation education, and more, with the mission of creating a safe birthing home for parents and babies of color in South LA. Their non-profit arm, the Birthing People Foundation, is raising funds for the first Black-owned birth center in Southern California. Through Kindred Space and the Birthing People Foundation, Kimberly and Allegra are dedicated to putting an end to systemic racism and implicit bias in the healthcare system for people of color and LGBTQ+ communities. 

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