Our 2020 Resolutions

With the dawn of a new decade, we have been putting our minds to work on our own New Year's resolutions for DÔEN - thoughtfully considering how we, as a company, can be better citizens of this world. As a women-owned and -operated brand, it is and always has been our mission to use our platform to shine light on the issues that matter most to us, from climate change and the protection of our planet to women's advancement in the workplace and reproductive rights. We promise to continue to use our reach to be even louder and clearer, and to bring your attention to ways to further our collective efforts to tackle pressing issues of our time.

As an apparel company, we are acutely aware of the impact that our own industry continues to have on this planet - environmentally, socially, and beyond -- but we also believe that many small steps by many small businesses can have a lasting positive impact -- and we want to do our part. See below for a quick overview of our 2020 Resolutions - each and every one shaped by our ongoing company mission. We can't wait to share more as we continue on the path of implementing these changes and initiatives. We are proud to play a role in the fight for a brighter future and a healthier planet.    


Environmental Impact

This year, watch out for news on our transition to organic and recycled fabrics and yarns for certain styles, our use of GOTS certified fabrics, our carbon responsible and solar-powered manufacturing partners, and our Better Cotton Initiative styles. We have also been working diligently to reduce plastic at all levels of our supply and production chain, while maintaining our commitment to 100% recyclable eco-packaging (did you know that our eco-shippers are made from a minimum of 90% post-consumer content?). For an even more eco-friendly package, opt to receive your order without a muslin bag or seasonal postcard (simply select 'eco-friendly packaging' option at checkout)!
We believe in a "few, better things" mentality, and in building a wardrobe that is timeless, crafted to last, and made of the most ethically sourced materials possible. We encourage secondhand sales of clothing via consignment retailers like TheRealReal, and strongly believe that our clothing should be strong enough to live many lives. Watch for more details on secondhand retail of DÔEN!    


Ethical Practices

For us, ethical practices have always been integral to our processes and manufacturing: We source globally, and choose to manufacture with socially compliant factories in the United States, Peru, India, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Romania, and Vietnam. Our sourcing strategy is largely based on the availability of raw materials, responsible factories, and regional techniques. For example, we import our handknit alpaca sweaters and pima cotton t-shirts from Peru; our use of raw silk, intricate handwork, and traditional print techniques are imported from India. 

Our 2020 initiatives include several pathways towards even more progress in this area and a steadfast commitment to improve our efforts with our global partners. Throughout the year, we will be sharing more information on our WRAP Certified factories, our Bureau Veritas Audited factory partners, and our continued efforts to close the gender gap and work with women-owned and -operated factories. 


Community Representation

We have heard the calls of our community who consistently push us to be more mindful, expand our knowledge and range of perspective, and make strides in our practices of inclusivity, diversity, and representation. As we continue to grow, we are actively working towards representation and inclusion on every level. We are thrilled to let you know that new extended sizing is coming this year, and that our site will be home to much more inclusive, representative imagery. 


Internal Change 

Here at DÔEN, we also believe that change starts from within. Our team is incredibly committed to each one of these goals, and we are thrilled to work in an environment where passion and dedication are heard, respected, and nurtured. In order to foster a positive representative office environment, we have launched three internal committees here at our offices: our Wellness & Safety Committee, Corporate Sustainability Committee, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. These committees have already fostered amazing ideas, conversations, and progress, and we look forward to all that they will contribute going forward.  


Ongoing Partnerships

As a women-owned and operated company, the issues of women's healthcare and reproductive rights have always been of particular importance to us. We have been partnering with Planned Parenthood since we first launched, and have continued to support their efforts towards providing safe and accessible healthcare in the years since. We are incredibly proud to have raised over $28,000 for Planned Parenthood since our launch, and very much look forward to continuing our relationship with this life-changing organization in 2020!

We also strongly believe in closing the gender gap through education, and are proud to support our partner, Room to Read, in their mission to promote literacy and gender equality by working with local governments and communities across Asia and Africa. By developing literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, Room to Read works to support girls as they complete secondary schools, giving them the life skills to succeed in school and beyond. We will continue to donate 100% of the profits of a designated offering of children's styles each season to Room to Read!


Local Efforts 

In addition to our ongoing partnerships with Room to Read and Planned Parenthood LA, we are committed to arranging bi-annual opportunities for our team to volunteer within the local communities of LA. Just this month, we volunteered at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank - an amazing organization that has distributed more than 1.1 billion pounds of food to those in need since their start in 1973. We are also excited to be organizing a drive to collect necessities for asylum seekers who are currently in detention centers at the US/Mexico border (more on this coming soon!) These small, local acts are such powerful ways to gain perspective grounded in something larger than ourselves, all while connecting with our fellow LA residents, giving back to our neighborhoods, and learning about issues that matter immensely to the earth and to those around us.  



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