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The Doen Communications Director will work collaboratively on communications initiatives and projects, create strategic communications campaigns and devise innovative ways to engage internal stakeholders and external partners. The ideal candidate is intellectually curious and comfortable in a fast- paced environment. To succeed in this role, you will enhance and uphold the integrity of the Doen Brand and reputation in alignment with our company values. You are willing to try new things and can manage numerous projects with tight deadlines.

Key Responsibilities:
Ensure quality control of all information released, including but not limited to, managing tone and messaging on sensitive issues on all social media channels.

Work cross-functionally with internal teams such as PR / Content / Retail / Customer Care / E-Commerce Teams to produce creative strategies and communicate company initiatives.

Create content guidelines to maintain inclusivity and work on building community through innovative, cross-platform communication tactics.

Develop a cohesive communications strategy to maintain an awareness of organizational risks and threats.

Maintain employee engagement by working across departments to influence, manage, and drive communications narratives throughout the organization.

Partner with Customer Care and Retail Teams to understand any issues or concerns and devise strategies to message customers and community proactively and positively.

Manage external review websites and troubleshoot with internal team to maintain communication and rectify any disputes (i.e. Glassdoor, Google Reviews, etc.).

Partner with PR on creating organic digital messaging strategies that will evolve brand voice.

Communicate potential stories to PR that align with brand efforts and ethos, to pitch to media outlets.

Work with Content and Events Teams to conceptualize events that further the brands connection with community.

Manage messaging related to positive brand efforts and ensure that this is standardized across all channels.

Work closely with Content Team to devise content initiatives on a recurring basis.

Cultivate an environment of readiness and alertness that manages emergency response issues.

Oversee, develop, and execute company announcements.

Work with Internal teams to manage media relations, press materials, and press events.

Understand the company’s values and aesthetic and serve as spokesperson for the company.


Required Job Qualifications:

5-7 years of Communications experience.

5 years working with a medium to large company, with numerous stakeholders.

Demonstrated relationship management skills.

Ability to translate complicated issues into easily understandable language.

Background in Brand Marketing/ Corporate PR.


Required Documents:


Cover Letter

Writing Sample



Core Hiring Values & Company Culture:  

Grow with us. As we expand as a business, we’re looking for people willing to keep learning and growing with us as a part of our team, with ambition and their own personal goals for their position. You’ll do your part to work toward the company’s goals and your own, with a focus on the end goal and an awareness of the big picture.

Understand our brand. When filling any position, we seek those who have an understanding of our brand point of view and customer. A shared aesthetic understanding is especially important for any position that interfaces with our design and community.

Work independently, treat people respectfully. We encourage people to be self-sufficient, independent thinkers and problem solvers. We look for team members who treat each other with respect and understanding, while maintaining personal values of honesty, integrity, kindness, and self-improvement. 

Treat management as mentorship. Our managers have a responsibility to provide ongoing feedback, challenging work, and growth opportunities to team members who consistently perform and demonstrate total ownership of their role.





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