A Mother's Love with Patti Quintero

Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Patti quite literally always has pregnant women floating around her. Over these last few years, my own childbearing years, I have unveiled that it is with very good reason.

Patti has been a strong presence for me through my own pregnancies, first as my prenatal yoga teacher, then as a skillful and intuitive guide through the portal of birth as my birth doula, then she nurtured and helped me integrate on the other side, as my postnatal yoga instructor. I have experienced the depths of her skills, wisdom, knowledge and perhaps most importantly, gentle intuition surrounding all things birth and have deep gratitude for her presence; on my personal journey, and for all the mothers that she so deeply supports.

Patti is a Birth doula and a has been a masterful yoga and meditation teacher for the last 20 years, but really she is a holder of space. A mother to mothers. A spiritual matriarch. She creates a community of support for mothers in a time where we can find ourselves all too isolated and lonely as we journey the path of motherhood.

As a single mother of two, Patti knows firsthand what it means to create a village, and the great value this network of support brings to all our lives at every stage of motherhood. Her mindfulness practice and devoted community have served as the anchors through all the tides of her own personal journey. This awakening and inspiration is what brought her company Uma Mother to life and is at the heart of all of her work.

Uma Mother provides yoga, meditation and a loving community for mothers of all stages from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. More recently, Patti has launched Uma Mothership, a bimonthly meditation event focused on helping women build and maintain a simple and attainable meditation practice to remove stress, improve vitality, creativity and overall happiness and health……Perfect for rollercoaster of motherhood!

With the deep understanding that a mother with emotional intelligence; patience, compassion and empathy will raise the children who will change the world, Patti’s arms are wide open, guiding women to go deep, trust in themselves and hold each other strong as we do our precious work as mothers.

– Narelle Payne (muse & dear friend of the brand)


7 Practices to Awaken Intuition + Intimacy with Life…

Meditate Daily - a simple effortless sitting practice of ‘allowing’ helps remove stress from the body and mind unveiling natural states of bliss, ease + unity. This practice will enhance every single one of the practices below, and every thing else in your life :)

Explore Solitude - 30 minutes of alone time can transform, help reclaim + reboot your energy field and enhance your creativity. Commune with Nature - when we are immersed in nature’s beauty and witness a sunset, a blooming flower, the wind speaking through the trees, we are witnessing a reflection of our truest nature, this oneness reminds us that we are never alone and always supported by nature’s intelligence.

Taste Quietude - turn off electronics, ringers, the dings, the distractions…. silence helps us withdraw the senses, realign our cycles and pay attention to the inner self, the inner voice, the guidance that comes from our heart vs our head.

Embody Your Sensuality - self touch, self massage, nourishing breath work + fluid movement are all ways to explore your sensual energy. To know what feels good in your own body is to own your pleasure and your aliveness.

Make Play a Priority - dance, sing, plan adventures …. Play is a cornerstone to youthfulness. Make appointments with Fun a priority in your life.

Share Your Fullness - we are most fulfilled when serving others. When we awaken to our true identity we see the sameness all around us, this self realization reminds us that we can only thrive as a whole because we are that wholeness, always interconnected and evolving. When you expand your own consciousness you are elevating the whole.


Patti wearing the Sia Top in Black Petit Jardin Print

Patti wearing the Cypress Dress in O'Hara Print and her sweet daughter wearing the Henri Top in Frances Floral

Patti wearing the Cypress Dress in O'Hara Print

Patti wearing the Sia Top in Black Petit Jardin Print and Narelle wearing the Romy Tee in Canyon and the Myrtle Overalls in Antibes Wash