Inside Our Collaboration with Collégien

When we first discovered Collégien a few years ago, we fell head over heels. A small, family-run business founded in the south of France in 1947, Collégien has specialized in crafting artisanal quality socks for nearly a century, passing their careful techniques and timeless design sense down through the generations. Their model of thoughtful production, family values, and longevity is one we deeply admire and ultimately aspire to, and their socks are staples in our closets. It felt only natural to join forces, bringing their incredibly beautiful products to our customers in store and online and eventually collaborating with them to create the thigh high socks of our dreams. With their perfect thickness (hearty enough to offer a bit of warmth, thin enough to wear with our Mary Jane Slippers), rich, delicious colors, and subtly nostalgic feel, Collégien’s socks are truly the socks we have always wanted. We love their ankle socks for everyday wear, and the Collégien x Dôen thigh highs as an alternative to tights during the chilly months. These socks are our absolute favorites, and we know they’ll be yours too. See below to discover our collaboration, and to learn a bit more about the world of Collégien!

Scenes from Briatexte, where Collégien was founded in 1947 and still is located today!

The Sonoma Dress, the Cannes Knee Boot and the Collégien x Doen Thigh High socks in Pain D'Epice Lurex

Socks after being dyed in Pain D'Epices

Ruffle rim details of our Collégien x Dôen Thigh High Sock in Doux Agneau

Yarn and socks prior to getting dyed

A selection of our Collégien socks, in handpicked colors!