Snapshots of Maine

Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Our friend Julie O'Rourke - textile wizard, founder of Rudy Jude, mama, mender, and so much more - has woven a truly inspiring life for herself on the shores of coastal Maine, where she lives with her husband - Anthony - and their two boys. Approaching all that they do with an artful eye and a playful spirit - from something as big as building a home, to something as small as mending a well-loved sweater in the Fall - Julie and Anthony's resourceful creativity is infectious. After following Julie for many years, we were so excited to ask her and Anthony to photograph a few pieces of our Fall collection in their little north-eastern dreamworld. See above for a few snapshots from early autumn in Maine, captured so beautifully on film by Anthony!

Filmed by Anthony Esteves | Music Composition by Justin Scott Lucas