Dôen 2017 Holiday Party

Photographed by Darcy Hemley

As our second official year of being a company draws to a close, we are overcome with emotion. Watching the company grow, both as a brand and as a community, has filled us with immense gratitude for each and every one of you – none of this would be possible without your undying support and love. With that gratitude for all we have, and for this community, comes also a responsibility to give back to the community at large.

Last year when celebrating our first year as a company we decided to embrace that responsibility by hosting a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, bringing together some of our friends and family for a good cause to close out the (slightly upsetting election *cough*) year. We decided to turn this fundraiser into an annual tradition, so this year we again joined forces with both Planned Parenthood and our friends Marc and Med at their spot Genghis Cohen for a night of music, drinks, and Chinese food bites.

The night glittered with rainbow holiday lights and the air was filled with the angelic harmonies of Alyssa Miller & Cameron Avery as well as Chase Cohl - all muses to the brand and dear friends who performed the dreamiest sets (complete with both Blue Christmas + White Christmas!).

We are thrilled to announce that we were able to raise almost $7,000 for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles which, thanks to a generous family, will be matched this holiday season, ultimately totaling $14,000!

We would also love to extend a huge thank you to each of our amazing sponsors: Genghis Cohen, YOLA Mezcal, Lorenza Rose, Hoxie Spritzer, Hi-Lo Liquor, Tsingtao Beer.

Happy Holidays!

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Muse and Friend Alex Noiret (wearing the Buttercup Dress!) with her love Scott Vance

The angelic Chase Cohl performing a wonderful set in a Spring '18 Dress

Planned Parenthood is dear to our hearts as a women run company

Thank you to our Sponsors! Hoxie Spritzer, Tsingtao Beer, Lorenza Rose, Hi-Lo Liquor, and YOLA Mezcal

Sister Sister moment in the lights. MK wearing a Spring '18 piece and KK wearing the Bellflower Dress

Friends and family of the brand Johnny, Al, and Colin

The sweetest love song birds - Alyssa and Cam

PD with friend and muse Kelsey Asbille

The people who made the night magical with their music talent: Cameron Avery, Alyssa Miller and Chase Cohl

Left: Friends and family Jeb, Sam, and Colin (KKs husband) Right: Friends Erik Allen and Leanne Ford

MK and KK giving a speech and having laughs

MK, Muse Alyssa (wearing Spring '18) and KK

Partying with Paloma and Mecca

Friends and family of the brand Elizabeth, Jesse, and Hannah

Roni, DÔEN employee in-charge of pop-up events, with her friend

HW, Jesse and Sophie

Friend and family Walker Cole helping put up rainbow lights pre-party :)

Our employees since launch and comedians who were MCs for the night: Holly and Alana