A Window into the World of Nickey Kehoe

Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

I first met Amy Kehoe about six and a half years ago while photographing a house whose interior she had designed. From that very first collaboration, I felt connected to her on a personal and creative level – drawn immediately to her intelligence, compassion, and sharp, artistic eye. Soon after, I lured Amy and Todd to my house to help me with a light remodel and have counted them both as dear friends and trusted collaborators ever since. Over the years we have traveled together in search of inspiration (Amy and Todd venture far and wide to find treasures for their interiors and shop), and have been lucky enough to work together on a handful of special projects, from designing the Dôen Shop to concepting and constructing a restaurant (coming next summer on the east side of LA). I am continually struck by their ability to bridge the gap between seemingly disparate styles – unifying eras, aesthetics, and textures with absolute ease. Whether it's hints of traditional Shaker architecture, Antique European pieces, or 1800s colonial details, Amy and Todd pull artfully from a multitude of decades, places, and cultures that span a huge breadth yet somehow, in their skilled and practiced hands, seamlessly meld into one eclectic, beautiful whole. Working with Amy and Todd and witnessing the fluid exchange of ideas and inspiration that they share is a true pleasure. I feel so lucky to get to watch as they continue to grow and expand their work and practice ever further, adding their special touch to spaces across LA and far, far beyond.

– Hilary Walsh

"When we opened the Nickey Kehoe shop in the Fall of 2008, we envisioned a place where we could showcase products from every corner of the world and from eras that would transport our clientele back in time. We wanted to create an environment that harmoniously mixed all that we love, whether it be antique French baskets or Italian midcentury wing chairs. From accessories and lighting to furniture and books, the Nickey Kehoe shop became our creative playground and labor of love.

Over the past decade, we’ve loved experimenting with textures, patterns, and colors, especially during fall, a season whose palette inspires us both and guides our design. In the same way that autumn is a process, with each leaf changing color at its own pace, our design strategy is not too hasty. We don’t force an answer for the entire interior all in one swoop. It’s a journey. If you stay open, great surprises in the process will come to light.

As the draw to stay inside aligns with the shorter days and approaching holidays, the interior space can become a great source of enjoyment. We are so excited to share a few of our favorite Fall items from the shop with you here. See below for a handful of our Autumn picks!"

– Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe

Our Mexican palm placemats make for the perfect nod to fall. We offer them in four colors: natural, brick, yellow, and brown

Autumn details in the Nickey Kehoe Shop

Amy wearing the River Top in Clove

Autumnal-hued candle sticks – we love how lighting one of these instantly makes us feel cozy and at home

Within our own homes and throughout the shop, we love living with plants, especially when they are housed in beautiful pots. Our Bergs Pottery Collection, shown here, comes in the most beautiful, and seasonally appropriate, earthy yellow

Now that the weather has shifted here in Los Angeles (just barely), our new-in-shop Indian scarves by Jinji will be casually thrown around our necks and bags! P.S. Todd is wearing a Jinji shirt in the photo above!