Marigolds with Beatrice Valenzuela

Each Fall, our dear friend Beatrice Valenzuela gathers her loved ones together to string long garlands of marigolds, blossom after bright blossom, to adorn the house with color and vivacity for the darker winter days that lie ahead. This year, we were lucky enough to join her for the annual garland-making festivities. See below for photos and video from a magical autumn afternoon—and for some easy garland-making tips for those of you who want to partake.

Long Needles
Waxed Linen Thread


1. Start by cutting each blossom from its stem, close to the base for easy threading.

2. Tie a knot at one end of your thread and then start stringing, passing the needle through the base of the flower and up through the top.

3. Once your garland is as long as you want it, tie off the end. We love making long loops to hang on door handles and strings to drape over doorways, etc.


Clockwise from top left: A Marigold Moment: Beatrice in the Clarence Dress, Katherine wears the DÔEN Heirloom Eden Dress; Sweet Prairie in the Keisa Dress