Topanga Tea and Surfing with Kassia Meador

Photographed by Magdalena Wosinska

Kassia Meador is a lover - of life, people, nature, and how everything connects. Although Kassia is constantly exploring new projects and adventures, she’s always been the kind of person who shows up to support her friends, offering to help any way she can. She is spiritual in the way that those with a deep connection to nature are, not as an escape from modern life but as an essential part of it. Whether in the group meditations she leads or just on a one-on-one basis as a friend, she wants to hear your experiences as well as share hers. She travels constantly, from surf trips to her time spent at Standing Rock in solidarity with water protectors, but will still come back from weeks spent away and organize a Malibu beach clean up the day she returns. She is committed. Kassia is a pro surfer, environmental and community activist, designer and business owner, lifestyle photographer, and musician, who still always makes time to collaborate with others who inspire her. As soon as she found out we were starting Dôen she offered to shoot one of our friends, model Noot Sear, for us for one of our very first journals a year ago - that’s just the kind of friend she is. We were so excited to spend a day in Topanga hiking and surfing with Kassia to capture her for this journal. See more photos below!

- Margaret

Kassia wearing the Serena Sweater with her fox dog Iruka

Kassia wearing the Tuku Hoodie and Kassia Surf Not So Long Jane Wetsuit

Kassia wearing the Tuku Hoodie

Kassia wearing the Serena Sweater

Kassia wearing the Pacha Duster in Black and Moccasin Babouche in Black

Kassia wearing the Tuku Hoodie