Dôen Spring Picnic

Photographed by Curtis Buchanan

There is no season more generative nor more alive than spring. The season of abundance and of blossom, it is nothing if not a celebration of vitality and creativity, in which new life abounds and the world around us flourishes. So the dawning of this season of renewal and creation seemed the perfect occasion in which to honor a few of our muses while marking our second year as a company. It is their collective beauty, grace, and strength that serves as an eternal source of inspiration for all that we do at Dôen, feeding our creativity and breathing life into our work – allowing it to blossom. We all gathered for an afternoon picnic in KK's backyard under her old oak tree, mood set by magic maker Amy Blessing and the most delicious and visually stunning food and cocktails by Lori Stern. Beneath this canopy of oak, with the ethereal southern California light filtering down through the leaves above, we talked and laughed for hours. It was a day of beauty and bounty, but above all it was an ushering in of spring and a celebration of life!

xo MK & KK

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“sweet spring is your time is my time is our time for springtime is lovetime and viva sweet love”

– E.E. Cummings

Mood set by Amy using items from her home and KK's home

Alex wearing a vintage piece, PD wearing the Dove Dress and KK wearing the Bellflower Dress

Wilder and Cami, children were running free with flower crowns and finished with a Star Wars piñata

Lori's insanely beautiful food - she really creates the most breathtaking spreads

Muses Nicki (wearing the Honeysuckle Dress) and Narelle (wearing the Tansy Dress), both with their little ones

Fantasy drinks + vintage coupes

MK with Julian wearing Spring '18 Faye Dress; Muses Hannah and Narelle

Evening light photo of MK + KK taken on film by Hilary Walsh

MK + KK with Lori's famous purple/pink rice; Alex in a vintage dress

Gathering together

Amy's pretty details

All our our inspiring friends and family who attended :)