An Eye for Design with Wall for Apricots

Brady Cunningham and Katy Burgess, Photography by Nicki Sebastian

Brady Cunningham and Katy Burgess are multi-disciplinary designers and creative consultants whose joint creative consulting firm, Wall for Apricots, has helped shape the visual language of some of our favorite woman-owned and woman-run brands (Moon Juice, Loom, Ritual, and beyond) – developing everything from brand identity to shop interiors. Born out of a deep friendship and lifelong mutual admiration between Brady and Katy, Wall for Apricots is built on a foundation of celebrating the best in others, and particularly the best in women: all of their clients are women, and a portion of all fees for their services goes towards charitable projects that inspire and support other women.

From taking a black marker to a white couch to spontaneously painting a mural on a dining room wall, Brady and Katy are refreshingly playful and explorative in their visual expression. With their distinctly modern and artful design ethos and impeccable taste, Brady and Katy are a beacon of radical creativity, working together to artfully construct worlds and to uplift and amplify the voices of their clients.

Ahead of this year's holidays, Brady and Katy have been compiling a gift guide full of some of their favorite creations from the very women they have worked closely with over the years. We love their taste in all things and are so excited to share a bit of their curated list below! Keep reading for a little excerpt of the Wall for Apricots gift guide - and look out for more coming to their instagram and website soon!

"Wall for Apricots has been incredibly fortunate to help shape the scenery for some of our favorite female-founders, but working exclusively with women wasn’t something we set-out to do. Since our own business is structured around the balance of female friendship, it feels natural to gravitate towards projects that allow us to join forces with women we admire.

Working with brilliant women has always felt like a gift, but even more so this year. As we started thinking about gift-giving for this holiday season we realized that we needed to look no further than our own client and collaborator list. Here are five of our very favorite gift ideas, featuring the talents of women we have had the immense pleasure of working with this year."

– Brady and Katy

Vanessa Lee, who we suspect might be an actual goddess on earth, has the deepest well of skincare secrets. Her ability to make women feel comfortable and celebrated in their own skin, combined with her vision to create a more inclusive beauty industry, means that the skincare line she created is our favorite clean beauty secret. We promise that any beauty-lover in your life will be instantly hooked on these oils and masks

Every once in a while you meet someone with such impeccable taste that you want to see the world through their eyes, just for a few moments. For us that was Jazzi McGilbert, the creative force behind Reparations Club, a Black-owned bookshop and concept store here in LA. Rep.Club is a curated treasure trove of possibilities, but we will be buying Life Doesn’t Frighten Me for every kid we know. And then we will be buying these gorgeous curvy candles for every one of those kids' moms.

LA based multi-media artist K’era Morgan has transformed some of her mixed-media pieces into colorful (and affordable) woven blankets, pillows and tapestries. The same layers of unexpected color that first drew us to her works on paper are equally as soothing in her textiles. We love this throw blanket because right now nothing seems more comforting than wrapping up in a cocoon of actual art.

Our obsession with artist Lauren Pearce led to us emailing her out of the blue to ask if she would consider creating a custom wallpaper for a residential client. Now nine months later, she is a constant muse and we are working on our second project together. We keep finding new ways to marvel at her captivating portraits of identity, race, motherhood, and womanhood. If you have the opportunity to own one of her larger works, seize it, but for now she has a few limited edition prints available.

As creative advisors of LOOM, we have had the privilege of working with Erica Chidi for years, but as mothers we have also had the good fortune of sharing her wisdom with our loved ones in the form of her first book - Nurture. This invaluable resource for pregnant and parenting people is the best gift for anyone who needs a calm and conscientious companion to guide them through those seemingly endless first months. Erica is so generous with her words, and Nurture holds space for every possible scenario. Buy it here from Semi-Colon, a Black woman-owned bookshop and gallery space. "

Brady wearing the Jacques Dress, and Katy wearing the Armande Dress

Brady wearing the Darien Top and Maritime Jean, and Katy wearing the Edessa Dress

Brady wearing the Edessa Dress, and Katy wearing the Jacques Dress

Brady wearing the Rem Dress and Pomme Sweater, and Katy wearing the Violet Dress