A London Afternoon With Matilda Goad

Matilda Goad, Photographed by Anouksa Beckwith

Having grown up watching the Secret Garden and reading Jane Austen, we have always held a particular affinity for the undeniable charm of the English countryside, with its cottage-speckled hills, wild overgrown gardens, and roaming herds of sheep. It is no surprise, then, that we share the same language of almost childlike wonder and imagination with the ever-talented British designer and creative consultant, Matilda Goad, whose childhood in West Sussex has continued to influence all that she creates. Taking cues from the unmistakable style of English countryside cottages, and adding a touch of playful modernity – Matilda’s own designs (giant ceramic clam shells! Scallop-edged rattan lampshades! Rainbow-hued cutlery!) exude equal parts elegance, nostalgia, and lighthearted vivacity. Matilda’s world is truly infectious and, from the moment we wandered into it, we haven’t been able to get enough. See below for a few photos from an afternoon spent in her London abode, and read on for an excerpt of her ever-inspiring newsletter - the Dispatch (click here to sign up for the mailing list!).

Matilda wearing the Villette Dress

"My pursuit of the perfect home has proven to be endless, stretching far beyond the physical. I have come to realize that collecting and curating objects is only half of the challenge when building a home, the other half is intangible and impossible to put into words.

With this in mind, I created The Dispatch, a letter landing in your inbox monthly, offering my take on building a home. Expect my practical advice on looking after the objects you love, creating more calm in a busy home, notes on using lighting to your advantage, as well as life hacks and sourcing tips. The Dispatch opens the door into my world, with the hope of helping to fill the spaces that objects can’t. Below, an excerpt from a recent Dispatch!"

- Matilda

Geranium Water

I love making geranium water using the otherwise wasted leaves from indoor plants.

To make, remove the stalks, plunge the leaves in boiling water then leave to steep before transferring to a spritz bottle. Spray on freshly washed linen for a hint of floral freshness.

Matilda wearing the Chambery top and the Diana jean

Wearing the Leaf Playsuit

Matilda wearing the Kennedy Dress

Matilda wearing the Chambery top and the Diana jean

Matilda wearing the Villette Dress

Matilda wearing the Bijou Dress