Sarah's Reading List

1. In Every Mirror She’s Black - Lola Akinmade Akerstrom - “A wise and complicated exploration of the lives of three Black Women in America and Sweden, who are fighting to assimilate into a society that ignores their worth”. 

2. Consumed - Aja Barber “An essential read for anyone who is wanting to learn more about sustainable fashion. Barber exposes the endemic injustices in our consumer industries and the uncomfortable history of the textile industry, one which brokered slavery, racism and today’s wealth inequality”. 

3. Wahala - Nikki May.  “Three Nigerian- English University friends whose lives are shaken by a new glamorous arrival into their clique, with a thriller twist thrown in too. A debut novel that is about female friendship, secrets and betrayals”. 

4. How Beautiful We Were - Imbolo Mbue - “A masterful exploration of what happens when the reckless drive for profit, coupled with the ghost of colonialism, comes up against one community’s determination to hold on to it’s ancestral land and a young woman’s willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of her people’s freedom.” 

5. Piranesi - Susanna Clarke - ““Piranesi introduces an astonishing new world, an infinite labyrinth, full of startling images and surreal beauty, haunted by the tides and the clouds”. 

6. Conversations on Love - Natasha Lunn “The book we all should have been gifted before we began our quest to find love. With contributions from Roxanne Gay and Esther Perel and Alain de Botton, Natasha Lunn explores Love in its many forms - romance, family, parenting and friendship. A book you will want to share with your Tribe”. 

7. Who’s Loving You - Sareeta Domingo - “A short story collection that explores love in all it’s guises by women of colour. I gobbled this one up and you will too”. 

8. Still Life - Sarah Winman - “A story that sits with you like a friend; you will laugh, go to trips to cool places like the East End in London and Italy. Art History, endless wine and gourmet food mentions and even a Parrot called Claude. A book that will leave you whole”. 

9. Matrix - Lauren Groff  - “A stunning, vivid adventurous story about women and power that will literally blow your socks off”. 

10. The Good Ally - Nova Reid  - “An essential guide for anyone wanting to reach a clearer understanding of racial injustice and white privilege. Nova’s gem is an urgent call to arms to become better allies against racism”. 

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