Black Lives Matter



The past weeks have been incredibly painful for so many, yet it chills us to recognize that what we have all witnessed is not a deviation from the norm. This country was built on racial violence, dehumanization, and systemic oppression, and this has been the reality of the Black experience in America for far, far too long.

So many of us benefit from the structures of oppression that continually endanger Black lives, and we have been complicit with our silence. We recognize that the only way forward is for those of us in such positions of privilege to work towards radical change on an individual, societal, and systemic level.

To start, below is a list of organizations and Black-owned businesses to support, as well as anti-racist reads and documentaries to engage with. We have made a donation to Black Lives Matter LA, and have added an option to donate at checkout. All donations made through our site during the month of June will be matched.

To learn more about our ongoing commitments to anti-racist practices, click here.






Organizations To Support


Black Lives Matter // The activist movement campaigning against violence, systemic racism, and police brutality towards the Black community.

The Dream Defenders // Founded in 2012 after the killing of Trayvon Martin, this organization fights for the end of police and private prisons.

Black Visions Collective // A Minnesota-based organization led by Black, Queer and Trans people that works to connect Black communities and invest in Black leadership.

NAACP // Formed in 1909, this civil rights organization has long campaigned to advocate for and advance justice and equal rights for the Black community.

Southern Poverty Law Center // The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit legal advocacy group that monitors hate groups and battles for racial and social justice.

The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls // The National Council seeks to end the incarceration of women and girls by building coalitions and initiatives.

Showing Up for Racial Justice // This organization has chapters all around the country, and is working to dismantle white supremacy and enlist those benefitting from white privilege to show up for the fight for racial justice. 




Black-Owned Businesses To Support


House of Aama // A mother/daughter duo clothing brand that is designed and made in Los Angeles - this top is the perfect summer piece!

Agnes Baddoo // Agnes is a good friend of ours, with whom we collaborated on our Felix Belt. Her leather goods are works of art - the Belt Sac is one of our daily go-tos.

Roam Vintage // The most beautifully curated vintage shop! We especially love the selection of perfectly faded tees and sweatshirts. 

Brother Vellies // Artisanally made, vintage-inspired shoes that we absolutely adore! Brother Vellies was founded by Aurora James, who also began the 15% Pledge (which we are proudly participating in! See here for more information about our renewed commitments regarding our partners and vendors - and more).

Klur // All-natural skincare in the most stunningly chic packaging! We can’t wait to try the Elements of Comfort oil (it has Neroli - our favorite!).

Isatu Hyde Pottery // Architectural and elegant ceramics. We are lusting after the bread cloche for our future sourdough-making endeavors.

LOOM // Founded by our friend Erica Chidi, LOOM provides sexual and reproductive health education to empower and inform. They are currently offering all classes on Zoom!

Bloom&Plume // A coffee shop in Echo Park run by talented florist Maurice Harris. In addition to yummy coffee and treats, the merch section is amazing (if you are in LA or not!) - in particular we love this to-go mug.

Mahogany Books // Support independent book shops! Mahogany Books, based in Washington DC, specializes in books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora. 






White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin Diangelo and Michael Eric Dyson // A great place to begin the project of reflecting on the many insidious constructs of whiteness.

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi // A guide to beginning the process of uprooting and challenging racism as it exists within ourselves and within our society at large.

Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde // A collection of essays and speeches by intersectional writer, thinker, and activist Audre Lorde. Touching, profound, and expansive in its focus on intersectionality and its criticism of second-wave feminism for ignoring and neglecting issues of race and the experience of non-white and non-heteronormative women in America.

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin // One of James Baldwin's most seminal texts - a bold and unflinching call for racial justice.

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates // A powerful meditation on race in America through a multitude of lenses, ranging from the intimately personal to the historic and political. 

The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale // A comprehensive overview of the multitude of problems presented by the institution of policing, and a compelling argument for a number of potential alternatives. Available as a free e-book via Verso Books.

If you are ordering any of the above books, consider ordering from an independent, Black-owned bookstore! Here is a full list from around the country!




Films & Podcasts


I Am Not Your Negro // Director Raoul Peck's vision of the book that James Baldwin never finished, Remember This House. A journey through the fight for civil rights across the decades, and an exploration of questions of representation and beyond.

13th // An incredible documentary by director Ava Duvernay that traces the history and inner workings of the criminal justice system, and the prison industrial complex in America. An important and gut-wrenching account of institutionalized violence and racism - we learned so much from this film. Available for free on Youtube.

1619 // A podcast from the New York Times that explores the profoundly transformational impacts of slavery on America, and an account of its many inheritances.

How to Be Anti-Racist, WNYC // A eye-opening conversation with Ibram X Kendi about his book, How to Be Anti-Racist. A great preview of the book, which we also highly recommend.

Code Switch // A podcast from NPR hosted by BIPOC journalists who lead challenging, honest, and enlightening conversations about race.




Resources for Kids


The Conscious Kid // A non-profit organization dedicated to offering education for parents and kids through a critical race lens. Follow @theconsciouskid on instagram for daily resources and information!

Social Justice Books // An online project that focuses on recommending and reviewing multicultural and social justice books for kids and young adults. They have great curated booklists, and we also highly recommend their super useful guide to selecting anti-bias children's books.

Sesame Street Town Hall // Van Jones and Erica Hill partnered with Sesame Street to host a town hall meeting on standing up against racism. Our kids loved it - watch the full program here.

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