Winter Wonderland with Muse Alex Noriet

01.13.17 Winter Wonderland with Muse Alex Noiret. Photography by (husband) Scott Vance

When launching DÔEN we knew we needed someone who fully understood the brand, who spoke to us and to the woman we were designing for - someone who could really tell our story, with strength, personality, and spirit. Hilary had shot with Alex previously and knew the way she worked, the magic she brought to the camera and her surroundings, and immediately without question knew she would be our woman. Alex is wise beyond her years, a woman with soul behind her eyes who works hard and cares deeply. She is serious about what she does and extremely driven while still being warm, kind, and playful. Since we met her at our first magical shoot in Santa Barbara, Alex has truly become our muse. When designing pieces it’s her that we picture bringing them to life. She knows who she is and stays true to herself and her beliefs while understanding us and the women we are designing for - natural, feminine, strong.

Born in Paris, where she lived until age 13, Alex has the joie de vivre of a French upbringing combined with a natural California ease and beauty. She and her husband, Scott - who also happens to be an extremely talented photographer - have a true creative partnership, inspiring each other daily. When you are around them you can feel the admiration and love they have for one another. Alex is also a talented writer who speaks from the heart about life at She and Scott have a company together #OnLifeBeauty, where they combine their skills to create beauty in whatever they are doing. We were lucky enough to bring Alex to Hawaii - her first time there - for our Spring 17 shoot. She was up for anything and along for the ride as always (a long ride indeed - the Road to Hana is a famously bumpy one) with a smile on her face and on the last day was able to take her first dip in the Hawaii saltwater. 

We are so thankful to have met Alex - she's played a huge role in shaping DÔEN into the company and community we hoped it would be. She lights up every space or image she is in, making our vision come to life. See below for images Scott took of her in his hometown and at his father's cabin in Idaho over the holidays.

{Alex wearing the Willow Dress in black}

{Alex wearing the Serre Jumpsuit in black}

{Alex wearing the Anka Dress in Creme}

{Alex wearing the Willow Dress in Black}

{Alex wearing the Cropped Sailor Jean in Noir, the Mystic Top in Black, and the Pacha Duster in Black}

{Alex wearing the Serena Sweater}

{Alex wearing the Serre Jumpsuit in Black}

{Alex wearing the Willow Dress in Black}

{Alex wearing the Anka Dress in Creme}

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