Welcome to Motherhood Lykke Li

Welcome to Motherhood Lykke Li, Photographed by Hilary Walsh

I met Lykke 7 years ago on a shoot and have never stopped enjoying the process of photographing her. Beyond being a muse, Lykke has been a friend. She watched me go through both of my pregnancies and now I am so happy to welcome her to motherhood as well! These photos were taken on February 25th, and her beautiful new baby Dion was only 18 days old. She sat for me, statuesque as ever, being equally sleep deprived and overwhelmed by the joys of first time parenthood. To your beauty, strength and passion Lykke!! We wish you the best of luck in your new journey!

– HW

Lykke wearing the Colony Dress in Clay

Lykke wearing the Source Top in Black