Studio visit and walk in the park with Kristen Caissie

08.17.16 Studio visit and walk in the park with Kristen Caissie Photography by Nicki Sebastian

The Los Angeles creative community is surprisingly tight knit for such a geographically large city. Earlier this year we were honored to have the opportunity to connect with our amazing customers and fellow artisans and brands through our participation in the Echo Park Craft Fair. We met so many kindred people at the event, one of whom was Kristen Caissie, owner/founder of Moon Canyon Floral Design. She has pioneered and is the woman behind the most quintessential Los Angeles floral vibe - warm, muted and natural looking - that has now taken off like wild fire. She has a cool, peaceful demeanor and amazing eye (which goes beyond florals into decor, fashion - basically everything she touches is beautiful). Kristen represents the modern Los Angeles working mom; creating her own way for business, lifestyle and family. We payed a recent visit to her studio in Silverlake and were able to see her work and share a bit in her process. Post studio we took a walk through Griffith Park where we we're joined by her adorable son Henry. See below for more photos from the easy, warm and magical afternoon we shared.

- Phoebe + Margaret

{Kristen wearing the Delphine Top in Marigold}


{Kristen wearing the Jane Blouse in Salt with Henry}

{Kristen wearing the Thistle Top}

{Golden Boy Henry in Griffith Park}

{Kristen wearing the Jane Blouse in Salt

{Kristen wearing the Thistle Top

{Kristen wearing the Delphine Top in Marigold

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