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Spring Meadows with Tori Praver

Spring Meadows with Tori Praver, Photography by Nicki Sebastian 

Tori Praver is known top of mind both for her career as a model and for the easy-to-wear swimwear company she started in 2007. The other bits of Tori however are what really give her an allover glow - her deep love for her children, growing up in the landscape of Hawaii, and her passion for women and childbirth (she's a certified doula).

A lifelong surfer, Tori’s respect and love for nature began in childhood (what happens when you grow up in Maui!) and she is raising her children in much the same way, with a certain ease of life, and an undeniable oneness with the earth. Having recently licensed Tori Praver Swim to focus more on her family, their sun-soaked days together are filled to the brim with saltwater, yoga and popsicles on the beach. We visited her and her son Phoenix on the most perfect spring afternoon, just as the fields of wildflowers were beginning to blossom. Tucked away under the blue skies of Malibu, their home sings with the sweet smells and warm breeze of the ocean. See below for images from the day and to discover Tori's favorite magic beach spots of Hawaii. 

- pd

  Tunnels Beach on Kauai- "For sure the most beautiful beach in the world and one of my favorite places ever in general. The water is crystal clear, the ocean is as warm as bath water and it just gives you this vibe of pure tranquility. It's truly a special and indescribable place."

 The North Shore of Oahu- "There is a stretch of beach on the North Shore from Waimea Bay to Sunset Beach that is just pure magic. Not only are these beaches home to the most perfect and powerful waves in the world, but these miles of incredibly perfect sandy shores are what I love most and what I day dream about often."

Napili Bay on Maui- "This is the beach I grew up on. I probably spent a big chunk of my childhood on this beach and swimming in its ocean.  It holds some of my favorite memories and such a special place in my heart. Not to mention, the beautiful turquoise ocean and perfect place to go for a swim or body surf." 

- Tori Praver

{Tori wearing the Faye dress in Adobe}

{Tori wearing the Jasmine dress in Rust Ditzy Floral}

{Tori wearing the Rosebay Top in Frappe}

{Tori wearing the Faye dress in Adobe}

{Tori wearing the Fig top}

{Tori wearing the Jasmine dress in Rust Ditzy Floral}

{Tori wearing the Rosebay Top in Frappe}

{Tori wearing the Jasmine dress in Rust Ditzy Floral}

{Tori wearing the Faye dress in Adobe}

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