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Morning with Ricki Lake

Morning with Ricki Lake, Photography by Nicki Sebastian

Of all of the films that our mom wouldn’t let us watch as young kids (Dirty Dancing - crushing!) she was surprisingly permissive with the films of John Waters. She admired the sharp social commentary and crazy originality. Our house was full of one-liner references, Hairspray song renditions, and inappropriate dress up, and no film was more revered than the 1990 film Crybaby. At the age of 9, I knew I needed to be hanging out at Turkey Point, and Katherine may have been yearning to escape from the RSVP Charm School Academy. At the helm of the female leads was Pepper, leader of the Crybaby Girls and sister to Crybaby played by Ricki Lake. Thus our love for Ricki began.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, to our mom sending through another film that she found entirely powerful. That film was The Business of Being Born, conceived and produced by Ricki after she experienced what she felt to be a less than empowering birth experience with her first son. Using statistics and a clear timeline, Ricki explores the system of birth in the United States, and specifically the decline of the women/mother led birthing process. This film is an incredible tool for women to feel empowered as participants in their own birth process, and essential as well to help partners/spouses feel informed, connected to and passionate about the birth experience! Most importantly, this film truly celebrates any positive path to parenthood, best exemplified when pregnant Director and Co-producer Abby Epstein requires emergency medical intervention. We met up with Ricki to express our gratitude and connect with her. The person we met is all her films are and more - vibrant, raw, open, honest, empowering, thoughtful, smart and incredibly soulful.

-MK & KK 

{Ricki wearing the Dillon Dress}

{Ricki wearing the Plumeria Dress}

{Ricki wearing the Dillon Dress}

{Ricki wearing the Dillon Dress and the Hermione Sweater in Tabac}

{Ricki wearing the Plumeria Dress}

{KK, Ricki, MK, and PD)

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