Pregnancy Glow with Djuna Bel

Photographed by Hilary Walsh

To enter into the home of Djuna Bel and Niki Haas is to enter into a nest, in the truest sense of the word. Every aspect of the house is personal, intentional and often hand-made, from the bread on the counter (baked from scratch by Niki), to the light fixtures and door handles. It is an entirely thoughtful and customized product of its inhabitant’s sensibilities and current needs, constantly evolving and growing in tandem with the ebbs and flows of life. Midway through Djuna’s pregnancy, as the couple prepares to welcome a new member of their family, the house is buzzing with the energy of transition, and the excitement of a new chapter. Djuna, who moves through the world with an inspiring sense of ease and self-assurance, is embracing impending motherhood with the same spirit of experimentation and creativity that she brings to all that she does, from her work as a stylist to the design of her home. Her approach to her own life, and her approach to bringing new life into the world, is entirely unique to her. With an unwavering air of grace and confidence, Djuna unapologetically does things differently, and invariably does them beautifully. Having long admired this innovative spark that burns so brightly in her, we were more than thrilled to shoot Djuna in the midst of the dawning of a new era in her life, as a whole new world opens up before her. We look forward to watching in admiration as she and Niki continue to do things their own way. See below for photos of Djuna on a sunny afternoon in her special home, just on the cusp of her third trimester.


Djuna wearing the Buchanan Dress in Seasalt

Djuna wearing the Avignon Dress in Deep Ink

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Djuna wearing the Buchanan Dress in Seasalt

Djuna wearing the Didion Dress in Seasalt