Our Second Collaboration with Heather Taylor

Photography by Scott Vance


Our second collaboration collection with our dear friend Heather Taylor is a celebration of all that the height of Summer brings us - spending time with friends, being outdoors, and creating memories. Meant to carry you (and your little one) through all the excitement and activity these overflowing days, this classic and quintessential Summer gingham is all sweetness and nostalgia, available in three delightful colors that sing of this richly saturated time of the year. It is a joy to create and be inspired by friends and these pieces in collaboration with Heather Taylor are a love letter to friendship and summertime bliss. See below for a look at a sun-soaked afternoon that we spent with Heather in celebration of Summer's peak, and read on for a Summer afternoon checklist from Heather!


Summer Afternoon Checklist

A Summer Pastime // My daughter, Scarlett, and I have been working together this summer to finish three colors of needlepoint roses by Loop Canvas! Framing and hanging them up together will be so rewarding once they're complete.

My Favorite Straw Hats // All summer long, my daughters and I wear straw hats from our favorite surf shop in Malibu, Zuma Jay.

A Picnic Basket // The woven picnic basket from our summer collection with West Elm is our go-to when picnicking with friends or spending a day at the beach — a perfect carry-all, great for even the most casual of backyard afternoons.

Table or Picnic Settings // Having a tablecloth and our quilted placemats on hand make setting the table for a summertime meal fun and easy. Pack mismatched napkins for a cute, practical, & easy clean-up when picnicking. And having some of our floor pillows around makes for a cozy setting. PS - tiny floral cuttings from the backyard or flower arrangement are an adorable napkin treatment, and add a special touch to any table. 

Afternoon Snacks // My girls' favorite after-camp snack is a bowl of cherries, some popcorn, and lemonade. They also adore the strawberry smoothie that I make all summer long — a blend of frozen strawberries, banana, coconut milk, & almond milk. I always make extra to freeze into popsicles!



 {Heather wearing the Whisper Dress and Goldie wearing the Hummingbird Dress}


{Wilder wearing the Leaf Playsuit, Prairie wearing the Little Sureau Dress, and Goldie wearing the Hummingbird Dress}

{Margaret wearing the Victoire Dress}

{Heather wearing the Sureau Dress and Goldie wearing the Hummingbird Dress}


{Prairie wearing the Hummingbird Dress, Katherine and Wilder wearing the Leaf Playsuit}

{Margaret wearing the Victoire Dress, Katherine and Faith wearing the Whisper Dress}

{Prairie wearing the Hummingbird Dress}


{Heather wearing the Sureau Dress, Goldie wearing the Hummingbird Dress, and Prairie wearing the Hummingbird Dress}

{Heather wearing the Whisper Dress and Goldie wearing the Hummingbird Dress}

{Prairie and Goldie both wearing the Little Sureau Dress}



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