Indian Summer with Nathalie Love

Indian Summer with Nathalie Love, Photography by Nicki Sebastian 

From her acting career to her day-to-day routine, Nathalie Love lives in a way that is true to herself and to her values - a quality that we always gravitate towards in the women with whom we surround ourselves. I first encountered her through her memorable performance in Women of Manhattan, which was she produced, art directed and acted in alongside a collective of incredibly talented female creatives called We the Women. The project was conceived of as a form of activism, bringing together a community of like-minded women with the ultimate goal of supporting Planned Parenthood; 100% of the proceeds were donated to the organization. Set against the backdrop of an old gothic theater in downtown LA, the experience was truly as beautiful as it was meaningful.

Nathalie is just as compelling offstage as she is on. She is absolutely full of life, and her eyes shine with a kind of excitement and energy that one can’t help but notice. From the moment she opened the door, fresh out of the shower, a blue silk robe hanging off of her shoulders, she radiated absolute warmth and enthusiasm. Her openness is infectious, and conversations go deep fast. She shared with us that her home, which she's occupied for six years, feels like an extension of herself in the sense that it is "constantly in a state of change" as she puts it. It has moved with her through different stages of life, changing and evolving as roommates filtered in and out, and most recently, taken a new “adult” form as a space shared between her and her husband (did you see her wedding?). It is exactly this kind of flexible, open, and casual approach to life that inspires us in Nathalie and makes her the kind of woman we design for: a woman who takes on life as it happens, with strength, ease, and grace. 


{Nathalie wearing the Dolly Sweater in Dark Tabac}

{Nathalie wearing the Assam Dress}

{Nathalie wearing the Faye Dress in Black}

{Nathalie wearing the Dolly Sweater in Dark Tabac}

{Nathalie wearing the Assam Dress}

{Nathalie wearing the Faye Dress in Black}

{Nathalie wearing the Faye Dress in Black}

{Nathalie wearing the Dolly Sweater in Dark Tabac}

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