Maximilla Lukacs and Indigo Sparke

Creativity and Friendship with Director, Maximilla Lukacs & Singer, Writer and Song Maker, Indigo Sparke / Images by Maximilla Lukacs

"There is an unspoken language between women. Especially between women artists. It is like a shared frequency through which novels can be communicated with a simple knowing glance. Every now and again - like a bolt of lightning - someone comes into your life that exactly embodies a mood, a feeling, a way of being that is exactly aligned with your creative vision. And from these exchanges, however brief, come forth very unexpected things - images, words, sounds, ideas, songs, films, etc.

I met Indigo Sparke in April of 2018 in Topanga Canyon, CA. I had heard bits and pieces of her music through our many mutual friends, but we had yet to meet in person. We had barely gotten through introducing ourselves when we jumped straight into talking about doing a project together. She told me that she was leaving to go back to Australia in May so we began to brainstorm about something we could create in the short time she was here. We were both feeling very inspired by “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Indigo collects copies of the book!) as well as the photography of Francesca Woodman. The photos and poem that follow are the result of this first creative spark of inspiration."

- Maximilla

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Blush Void by Indigo Sparke


roaming wild

with a ragged mind

little body shivers

tiny earthquakes

rivers wash break and shake the

dust off hard heavy heartbeats


everything moves fast...

right at the edge of my soul as i delicately unfurl

and hurl my wide open heart


into the abyss

i fold into another dappled

second minute hour day month year illusion Aeon


a subtle embrace

a tender blue morning a wake walking dream a reality so sweet

and hills that hold as the sun rises, i melt ooze


out on that horizon as the days young rays seek out blush

honeycomb on my salt licked skin

and limbs like flowers wrap around (time) and open

gentle so gentle

open up and bloom they whisper sweetly and honestly

so, we bloom... like nectar to the world and her bees

breathing, hushed eternity on my lips

the universe reciting psalms my palms so carefully holding

i dance

this diminutive divinity above heaven and under a blanket of stars

all of natures teachers whispering her incantations to some woman

deep inside to some deep woman

dying another graceful death

Indigo wearing the Antoniette Dress in Adobe

Indigo wearing the Iris Dress in Sunny Anemone Floral

Indigo wearing the Antoniette Dress in Adobe

Indigo wearing the Vetiver Dress in China Blue

Indigo wearing the Primrose Dress in Frappe

Indigo wearing the Antoniette Dress in Adobe and Maximilla wearing the Jasmine Dress in Rust

Photo by Todd Weaver

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