Lauren Soloff Cozy At Home, Pre-Baby

Lauren Soloff Cozy At Home, Pre-Baby photographed by Nicki Sebastian 

Our Journal is truly a reflection of the women who inspire us daily: our friends, our community, our real-life muses. So when Paige Appel, dear friend and past journal subject, suggested Lauren Soloff for a feature, we were thrilled. Lauren is an incredibly multi-faceted designer, mother, and woman whose work and being we have long admired. We're in awe of her impeccable taste and of the beautiful, love-filled life she has created for herself and her family. Read below for Paige's sweet words on her dear friend and to see Nicki's images, which capture the day exactly as it was - filled with dappled light and pre-baby coziness, all set against the backdrop of Lauren’s amazing restored Craftsman home in Los Angeles's historic West Adams neighborhood.

- pd

"I met Lauren Soloff three and a half years ago by the destiny of the stars. We were kindred spirits with parallel journeys and I was immediately drawn to her candor, ease, thoughtfulness, and impeccable taste. Many coffee and lunch dates ensued where we commiserated on our desire to have another child in our 40’s, building creative businesses as single mothers of adolescent boys, and our cliché, tortured commitment issues. Our kismet friendship solidified quickly, the way a good song sticks in your memory forever.

Lauren is a timeless beauty who exudes classic sophistication but also a hip, modern woman that could easily be mistaken for a rock star a la Debbie Harry. Her ability to casually saunter into a room and at the same time leave a wake of magnetic energy is captivating. As a sought-after interior designer, she carries the same effortless but appointed style into her portfolio. I’m always curious to see her point of view as it has an eclectic English Country meets Gypsy Bohemian meets California Minimalist quality to it that is impossible to box in. She is talented yes, but it goes beyond imitation or calculation, it is intuitive and invigorating in a way that feels fresh and grounded at the same time. It’s her… easy and interesting at the same time.

These striking photos of Lauren, pregnant with her daughter, at home in the alluring Dôen dresses photographed by my sweet friend Nicki are a living portrait of the heroine Lauren is to me and so many. I once heard the remark “Beauty organizes the mind” and that is exactly what Lauren does in her designs. Her home is a place to relax and partake at the same time. A calming feast for the eyes and soul, both she and her home. I’m so grateful to call her a dear friend and a constant inspiration."

- Paige Appel

{Lauren wearing the Faye Dress in Salt}

{Lauren wearing the Vetiver Dress in Blush Mini Earl Floral}

{Lauren wearing the Tansy Dress in Golden Hour}

{Lauren wearing the Faye Dress in Salt}

{Lauren wearing the Tansy Dress in Golden Hour}

{Lauren wearing the Vetiver Dress in Blush Mini Earl Floral}

{Lauren wearing the Faye Dress in Salt}


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