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East Village magic with Kumi Sawyers

East Village Magic with Kumi Sawyers, Photography by Heather Moore

There is a certain life force that seems to flow readily through Kumi, infusing her entire being with an infectious and vivacious energy. She is unmistakably present, both in the moment and in this world, living fully and caring deeply. As a student, a teacher, a yogi, a massage therapist, an explorer, Kumi’s realm of knowledge and talent is incredibly wide reaching. And yet, in all that she does she is meticulous and detail oriented, approaching anything she sets her sights on with tenacity, determination, and openness. From moving alone to New York when she was in her late teens, to spending an incredible number of hours studying anatomy and learning the technicalities of human musculature in order to inform her yoga and massage practices, she is infinitely brave in her willingness to dive deeply into each and every one of her pursuits. I think of Kumi as moving through life in much the same way that she moves through a carefully planned sequence of yoga poses: with both the strength of an athlete, and the immeasurable grace of a dancer. This duality and balance that exists within her, between dedication and serenity, between living freely and investing oneself entirely, is infinitely captivating, and inspiring. A picture of health in all respects, she is a teacher not only by trade but perhaps even more so by example, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her both inside and outside of the studio.

Set in New York’s ever-charming East Village, where we spent the afternoon cuddling with Kumi’s darling dog and companion Lemon (who she rescued from a beach in Nicaragua), and wandering a nearby magical garden oasis, these photographs capture her radiance and glow in all its glory!

-Helen (DÔEN content assistant) 

{Kumi wearing the Bee Sweater}

{Kumi wearing the Dandelion Dress in Wine Winter Ditzy}

{Kumi wearing the Aster Dress}

{Kumi wearing the Bee Sweater}

{Kumi wearing the Dandelion Dress in Wine Winter Ditzy}

{Kumi wearing a Spring 2018 top}

{Kumi wearing a Spring 2018 top}

{Kumi wearing the Bee Sweater}

{Kumi wearing a Spring 2018 top}

{Kumi wearing the Aster Dress}

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