Anti-Racism Accountability


To our Dôen Community,

As promised in our Anti-Racism Accountability statement, we would like to provide you with a 3-month update on some of our recruitment initiatives and hiring practices that we have been working on to align with our ethical standards and our ongoing anti-racist work. In June, a cross-departmental leadership team was formed; this team continues to meet bi-weekly to discuss all updates, initiatives, and next steps for each of our commitments.

Our entire team is the backbone of all that we do at Doen: The collective dedication and hard work of our employees has taken us to where we are today. We know it is imperative that we continue to build our team conscientiously, with company-wide practices that are guided and shaped by our principles and values. This is intrinsic to our anti-racism work and commitments -- and a diverse, representative, inclusive team is intrinsic to becoming a more fully realized, aware, responsive, and conscious brand.





We are in the process of partnering with the following HBCUs with Fashion Degree programs via the college recruitment resource Handshake for our current job openings:

- Bowie State University

- Clark Atlanta University

- Cheyney University

- Howard University

In addition, we are posting open positions and internships with the following resources and forums:

- (with which we have signed up to be a part of their Diversity Initiative)

- LA Trade Tech (according to, 94% of the LA Trade Tech student body population self-identifies as non-white)

- Starting Spring 2021, the CFDA’s diversity initiative platform for recruitment (see more details below!)

We are also revisiting and revising our interview processes and our Company Handbook, including our company core values, to be more reflective of our mission, our intersectional principles, and our anti-racism accountability commitments. These foundational principles will relate directly to our hiring approach. As we spoke to in our statement, we are working with external consultant Dr. Akilah Cadet to help shape our practices to increase diversity and eliminate areas of implicit bias, including revisiting language such as “culture fit.” (A number of our employees, including our co-founders, are also currently participating in The Ally Nudge, a program designed with Dr. Cadet to help take allyship to the next level with direct action that supports the Black Lives Matter movement!) By December and in conjunction with our 6-month update, we plan to share additional information on our updated hiring and interview processes.





We have reviewed and renewed our paid internship program. Our new semester-based internship program will formally begin in January 2021, and recruitment will begin approximately 8 weeks prior to the start date. Each internship will last four months, creating a 3-term annual program as follows:

January through April

May through August

September through December

Interns will be assigned to specific departments but our program has been redesigned to allow for cross-pollination with other departments for visibility and experience, as well as training using specific technology and software and working with outside vendors and/or agencies.

In addition to our internal internship program, we are in talks with the CFDA’s diversity initiative as outlined on June 4th. Their upcoming mentorship and internship program, launching in Spring 2021, will be focused on placing Black students and recent graduates in roles within the fashion sector, and we are excited to join this program! We are also currently working towards a Mentorship Program with a new partner, which we will share details of soon!





At the time of our statement publication in June, only 72% of our management team had self-reported. With new self-reporting from 83% of our management team, we have a new team breakdown that we would like to share.

Based on voluntary self-reporting from 83% of our management team, our executive and leadership team identifies as:


53% White

27% Latinx

13% Asian

7% Black

0% declined to self-report


67% women-identifying

7% non-binary

20% did not report

7% male-identifying


As stated in June, this is not good enough and we pledge to do better. We are looking forward to continually evolving our processes to ensure an inclusive, representative, and welcoming work environment.

We will be publishing a second update on our broader range of commitments in three months! 

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