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The Late Spring Collection Is Here


Sweet Muse Alyssa Miller in her City Farm

Sweet Muse Alyssa Miller in her City Farm. Photos by Heather Gildroy

Since we launched DOEN over two years ago, we have encountered and worked with so many beautiful, magical people, forging some of the most meaningful and important friendships of our lives along the way. Alyssa Miller is one of those people: someone who inspired us from afar and then truly sank deep into our souls once we met in the flesh.

We first spent time with Alyssa while shooting our Summer '17 lookbook in balmy Austin, Texas, which she then called home. It was a long, hard shoot that ended about an hour outside of the city, in the middle of the Texas hill country, with her working her animal-whispering magic on a herd of longhorns that wandered across our path. It was also on this trip that we met her family of animals, including her then baby pig Paul – who is now around 200 lbs (!). What all those animals already knew, and what became quickly apparent to us, was that Alyssa is a truly remarkable soul whose kindness, and capacity for love is boundless. All the things that stood out to us then are exactly the things we continue to cherish in her now: her incredibly good heart, deep care for doing the right thing, and powerful woman spirit. A true supportive sister in every way, she would do anything for those she loves.

Since that first meeting, our friendship with her has only grown, and we now make near-weekly trips to her house (she recently moved to LA) to play with animals and drink rose on the porch. These past few months have been exciting ones in her life, full of joyful changes and new beginnings. We have watched with pride and admiration as she not only got married to her sweet love and organized an unforgettable wedding, but also launched her very own line of handbags and travel bags, Pilgrim.

The most recent culmination of her creative and driven spirit, Pilgrim is a true reflection of Alyssa in so many ways. Made with such detailed care, these bags are the kind of pieces you pass down for generations. We are so honored to feature Alyssa just as she is embarking upon this new creative journey and are excited to tease that we will be doing a small collaboration with her for fall - we can't wait for you all to see.

For now, see below for pictures of her at her Hollywood farm (where she and her husband live with 3 dogs, 2 cats, one pig, and 7 chickens) and a special playlist she made for our readers (did we mention she has the voice of an angel and performed at our Planned Parenthood holiday fundraiser?).

- pd

CLICK HERE for a link to a playlist made for our readers by Alyssa

{Alyssa wearing the Henri Top in Salt with her Pilgrim Luggage}

{Alyssa wearing the Sol Dress in Salt}

{Alyssa wearing the Grasse Dress in Jaipur Mustard Floral with Sonder Briefcase in Whiskey}

{Alyssa wearing the Brigitte Tee in Salt (more tees coming soon!)}

{Alyssa wearing the Rosebay Top in Wheat}

{Alyssa wearing the Henri Top in Salt with a car full of Pilgrim luggage}

{Shop Pilgrim Sonder Briefcase in Whiskey}

{Alyssa wearing the Sol Dress in Salt (left) and the Rosebay Top in Wheat (right)}

{Alyssa wearing the Brigitte Tee in Salt (more tees coming soon)}

{Alyssa wearing the Henri Top in Salt}


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