Fall Nesting with Alexandra Elle

Fall Nesting with Alexandra Elle, Photography by Erika Layne 

As I approach thirty (though I still feel not a day over twenty), I am able to reflect back on my twenties as a time of great expectations, and great explorations. For me, and for many of my friends, these have been years of uncertainty, in which we have all strived to find ourselves, to figure out self-love, to hit our strides, to become adults - all while grappling with fluctuating, but nonetheless deep-seated, feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and fear. I wish that I could have discovered Alexandra's work earlier, as a twenty-something at the beginning of an uncertain journey and in search of exactly the kind of guiding light that her words provide. Hers is the sort of writing that lifts you up as you read it, the literary equivalent of a deep and nourishing breath. She reminds the reader, with unmatched candor and eloquence, that we are all human, that the present is all we have, and that it will all be okay. Though we have never met, all that she writes - from poems, to essays, to daily Instagram posts - resonates deeply for me, as if coming from a longtime friend who always gives the perfect advice.

I feel incredibly fortunate to now count her as a friend of the brand, and am elated to have captured her warm and cozy at home in the midst of east coast fall. Nearing the end of pregnancy with her second child and radiant as ever, she is truly as beautiful as her words are. See below for one of my favorites from her recent book Neon Soul.


Neon Soul by Alexandra Elle


"when i drove away from you autumn had just shown up with all her beauty and glory and crisp recollection of shift and submission. how fitting. a season of change and death and rebirth i was alone for the first time in a long while, and my journey away had been waiting for me, without you, with arms opened like tree branches and applause from clapping leaves that had been set on fire by the sun. when i drove away from you with nothing by my heart on my sleeve and the ocean in my eyes the whole world opened up like the parting skies and blooming belonging that'd been begging to be free. i was alone for the first time in a long while, and the voyage back home looked like the love i'd been waiting for."

{Alexandra wearing the Lulu Sweater in Dune}

{Alexandra wearing the Dillion Dress}

{Alexandra wearing the Dillon Dress}

{Alexandra wearing the Adarsha Dress in Black Tropical Floral}

{Alexandra wearing the Lulu Sweater in Dune}

{Alexandra wearing the Buttercup Dress in Wine}

{Alexandra wearing the Dillion Dress}

{Alexandra wearing the Adarsha Dress in Black Tropical Floral}

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